Benjamin (Ages 1-3)

Your baby or toddler is a beautiful gift from God, and we welcome them to our Benjamin Sunday school group. Our deep hope is that through this ministry, your child will come to know our Creator through play, songs, stories, and prayer time.

The Benjamin group is for babies and toddlers from 6 months – 3 years old. Parents are encouraged to bring their children up to the room located on the third floor of SCC, in the last room down the hall.


Samuel (Ages 4-12)

The Samuel Sunday School group is for children aged 4 – 12. The focus of this group is to investigate the Biblical story, and to see our world, ourselves, and our God in light of this story. Our hope is that through the Samuel Sunday school group, your child will become a valuable member of our Sunday school and church community, as well as grow in their understanding, and love for Christ. Through Bible study, experiential learning activities, and discussions, your child can learn more about themselves, their surrounding church community, and our God.

The Samuel group meets in the first room, located on the third floor of the SCC building.


Timothy (13-17)

Our Timothy class is a high school program that welcomes any students attending Grades 8 – 12. The focus of study this year is on how we as Christians can be living in the world, but not be of the world. Christs’ ministry was counter-cultural, and teens today face growing challenges from a variety of sources – this Sunday School class is designed to help build community, and knowledge that will help inform and prepare our teens for an increasingly secular world.

The Timothy group meets in the first room on the lower floor of SCC.