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Written by Chris Kibble   
Tuesday, 26 March 2019 08:31

Dear all,

Baptism has proved to be a thorny subject over the years, which is a shame. The ceremony is a great opportunity for praise to God for this symbol of a new birth in Christ. So why do we do it?



Baptism identifies the person as a follower of Christ: ' Baptism' according to Erroll Hulse 'is a testimony to the world. And the world's gaze is not to be discouraged'. Our Lord was baptised in public; the baptisms at Pentecost were not done in secret. There is often a comparison with marriage: when a husband and wife wear wedding rings, it identifies them as having made a commitment to each other.

It obeys the command of Christ: it was Jesus himself who commanded us to make disciples, 'baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit'. Even if there were no other reason, we should be baptised because the King of the Universe, the one who made us and owns us and the one who will judge us has commanded it.


Baptism illustrates many truths of our faith: by being baptised in the way Jesus describes, we can point to the involvement of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,  and therefore the fact that God is triune. It also illustrates that our sins have been washed away, according to Titus 3:5, 'through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit'. In a graphic description in Romans by Paul, he describes how we were united with Christ in his death and resurrection. Just like Jesus died, was buried and raised again, we too died to our old life and have risen to a new life as a 'new creation'. Finally, with baptism, we join a new Christian community. By means of this act, the church initiates a new believer into the community and it is a very natural precursor to church membership (next week's sermon!).

So if you haven't been baptised, please pray about it! Our practice is to baptise believers by immersion unless circumstances (e.g illness) demand another method.

Separately, what a joy it was to have Julie Lowe play for us on Friday. I'm sure she'll be back!



Pastor Chris

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