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Written by Chris Kibble   
Wednesday, 20 February 2019 13:31

Dear all,

Leadership is identified in Romans 12:8 as a gift, and in the scriptures you can see how God uses those with such a gift. Moses, Joshua, Peter and Paul are all fine examples.


Yet leaders, particularly effective leaders, are constantly under the Enemy's attack. We've seen that illustrated by the attacks on Nehemiah throughout our sermon series, and his enemies are being particularly devious in Nehemiah 6. Anything to stop him from completing his God given mission to rebuild Jerusalem's walls.


Nehemiah was invited to a pow-wow with his enemies Sanballat and Geshem on the plains of Ono: but this would have left him very exposed to attack. He discerned that 'they intended to do me harm'. At the very least, even if he hadn't been attacked, it would have taken up to a minimum of three days when his project was at a critical stage. So Nehemiah decided to rightly decline their invitation. How we too are tempted to get diverted from God's calling on our lives, both individually and as a church. The call to be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. But there's more: Nehemiah's enemies spread a rumour about him, suggesting that he was organising a revolt against the King of Persia. This accusation had no foundation of course: but negative rumours can be effective. Think of the false accusations that Jesus faced at his trial, and which contributed to his crucifixion. Nehemiah had the sense to reply with great wisdom, rejecting their accusations. We should always be careful to check ourselves in the case of an accusation: but often the best response is not to seek to justify ourselves but leave vengeance to God. Finally, Nehemiah's opponents try and trick him into breaking God's laws through a false prophet. Nehemiah takes care over his reputation: not for himself but for the sake of God's glory. And he manages to avoid the trap set for him.

Nehemiah demonstrates fine leadership qualities, particularly discernment. Such mature leadership only comes through God's gifting and what Eugene Peterson calls 'a long obedience in the same direction'. We should pray that LPC's future leaders are of this quality!




Pastor Chris

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