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Written by Thomas Bergen   
Monday, 01 October 2018 12:08

On Sunday Steve preached a sermon on what it means for us to live a life that amounts to “something beautiful for God.”

To get us started, he had us thinking about our experiences of beauty from clothing (in an African worship services), to architecture, (like Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona, Spain), to painting and photography (like various LPC members). He then made the important point that from God’s perspective all our efforts to create beauty are more like his niece’s scribbled birthday card than Gaudi’s impressive cathedral. God nevertheless takes pleasure in our lives (Eric Liddell: “When I run I feel God’s pleasure”) and looks lovingly and graciously on the suffering in our lives. (King Lear: “Upon such sacrifices my Cordelia, the gods themselves throw incense.”)

Next, Steve drew our attention to Bezalel - the Old Testament artist and architect of the tabernacle - as an example of somebody who did something beautiful for God.

· He was divinely equipped and commissioned.

· He was given freedom to use his own creativity/skill/insight (not step by step instructions).

· His work incorporated others.

· His work pointed to God’s glory.

After Christ, Steve reminded us that the new locus of God’s presence in the world is no longer in the tabernacle/temple, but in the community of God’s people; all the more reason to make our lives beautiful!

For his New Testament text and example, Steve revisited the story of Mary’s anointing of Jesus from the summer conference. Why did Jesus call her action beautiful? It was:

· Costly (like a wedding ring)

· Appropriate (for Christ’s person and burial)

· Courageous (generated opposition)

· Calculated (“she has chosen well”)

· Christ-like (foreshadowed and resembled Christ’s upcoming sacrifice)

Finally, Steve concluded with the important point that the best examples of people doing something beautiful for God are hidden and anonymous. For example, people who greet somebody when they’d otherwise be contentedly introverted, who forgive others when they’d otherwise remain bitter, people who praise God when they'd otherwise sulk.

Like Bezalel and Mary, may we all live beautiful lives for God whispering the prayer: “I’m doing this for Jesus’ sake!” Amen.

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