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Written by Chris Kibble   
Tuesday, 30 October 2018 15:11

Dear all,

A number of people requested a copy of the final section of my sermon on Sunday. So with appreciation to Mark Driscoll, here it is:

Religion says: if I obey God’s rules, he will love me

The gospel says: because God loves me, I have a new nature and a new power to serve Jesus

Religion says: God sees good people and bad people and God hates the bad people

The gospel says: all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory. There’s just bad people and Jesus

Religion says: it’s about what I do


The gospel says: it’s all about what Jesus has done


Religious people hate to repent

The gospel encourages us to admit our sin because Jesus has forgiven it on the cross

Religion results in either pride or despair. It’s either ‘look at me, I’m a good person’ or ‘I keep doing bad things: what hope is there for me?'

The gospel enables us to have a humble joyfulness

Religion says: I trust in my works

The gospel says: trust in the finished work of Jesus

Religion says: I’m uncertain about my ultimate standing before God

The gospel says: I can be sure of my salvation.

I've also just had a note from International China Concern, expressing their appreciation for our Walk the Wall efforts. Helen Fang and her team raised $3,015. Event photos can be found on


Pastor Chris

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