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Written by Chris Kibble   
Tuesday, 16 April 2019 15:32

Dear all,

We always think of 'witnessing' as a very individual activity. However, witnessing as a church can be equally powerful.


In the worship service, we raise our voices together and as we worship, we display a persuasive unity - between those who play music, those who collect the offering, those who undertake the prayers and those who simply attend. In our joint outreach, we can explain how we each experienced God's grace in different ways. As someone said, a thousand ways to Christ but only one way to God!


We can share in the experience of the joy of seeing someone come to Christ. As in Acts 15, where Paul travelled from Antioch to Jerusalem, he was able to explain to those who had prayed for him and supported him financially how the Gentiles had been converted. And they were glad! In our own church we are encouraged by the work of Abram Kidd and Rob Penner and others. We are also encouraged as we witness together. A survey in 1990 revealed that of those who came to Christ in Canada in the 1990's, half of the respondents said they had heard the gospel at least 10 times before making a decision. All to say, that when we help someone come to Christ, many may be involved - and we can share in the joy of a conversion.

The local church is the primary channel for the gospel. Paul described the church as a 'pillar and a foundation'. The truth of God is upheld and built upon by the church. There is no single worldwide voice for the church: it's individual churches who voice the truth. However, it's also true that as the priesthood of all believers, we churchgoers do have an individual responsibility to 'make an answer to everyone who asks us to give a reason for the hope within us'. The early Christians, as David Watson said, 'gossiped the gospel - in homes, in wine shops, on walks, and around market stalls.’ We can also witness through our service: Jesus engaged in service to people in need: the sick, the outcasts, the demon possessed. They all found him to be a friend and a healer.

So, evangelism is everyone's privilege - as a church, and individually. Let's pray for opportunities to be Christ's ambassadors!



Pastor Chris

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 April 2019 15:41