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Written by Chris Kibble   
Tuesday, 02 April 2019 08:46

Dear all


Many people ask 'why'? when it comes to church membership. They say that as they worship as often as members, fellowship regularly with the church, profit from the teaching and ministries of the church and actively demonstrate love for church brothers and sisters, why become a member? Well - there are reasons!



When you look at the biblical metaphors for churches, they very much reflect a committed and discrete group. The metaphors used are flock, temple, body and household. To be a sheep in a flock means belonging to a community dependent on the shepherd for food, protection and direction. To be a stone in a temple means to belong to a worshipping community. To be part of a body means to belong to a living, functioning, serving, witnessing community. To be a member of a family is to belong to a community bound by a common fatherhood. When Paul wrote to Corinth, he talked about the Corinthians coming together as a church, particularly to make decisions. The New Testament also describes how the church leadership is to shepherd those in their flock 'of which the Holy Spirit made you overseers'. It also suggests to the flock to 'obey your leaders and submit to them'. So there is a formal known relationship between flock and leaders. Finally, Jesus described a disciplinary procedure in Matthew 18 which culminates in resolving the matter in front of the whole church, clearly a discrete group. All this reflects church memnership.

There are also good personal reasons for membership: we identify with a favourite sports team with T shirts and jackets, but we are sometimes more reluctant to identify with the one thing which God loves supremely - the church. But why not? Second, there is no such thing as the 'Lone Ranger' Christian. Such a person is outside the spiritual watch and care provided by the church. Third, by becoming a member, you encourage others.

So if you're a Christian and have been baptised as a believer, and are not afiliated to a particular church, why not be one of those who can say that LPC is my church home, a place for which I will pray, work and to which I will give. A place where I will find friendship, rewarding labour and advice. In short, why not become a member?



Pastor Chris

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 April 2019 08:47